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About Us:

  • Our story is simple really. It’s about people with vision, passion, and dedication who are determined to make a difference. It’s about men and women who genuinely love farming, science, and technology and are motivated by the opportunity to make a difference.
  • SumaGrow® was born from the desire to support our farmers, protect our food and water supply, and sustain our resources for this generation and the next. Our co-branded products are developed by a diverse and spirited team. BSEI allocates significant resources to the continued advancement of our technology through research and development, strict quality control management, and data collection while sustaining technological improvements to meet the needs of producers.
  • Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI) has built a team of scientists, farmers, engineers, and marketers who share the common mission to ensure that products containing SumaGrow® continue to meet the needs of agricultural producers to grow higher yielding, healthier crops using more sustainable practices. As we have grown from a company staffed by three into a network that includes domestic and international licensees, investors, consultants and customers, we remain a family of people motivated by the same principals and driven by the same passion to leave a legacy of hope, good stewardship, and possibilities. Won’t you join us?” (Retrieved from
  • For more information about us, and our products, visit
  • Or contact us at

Janiece McWilliams
Quality Control Manager



Janiece McWilliams received her Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in environmental science from the University of Southern Mississippi and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Microbiology.

Ms. McWilliams has worked extensively with compliance testing and wastewater testing and treatment. Ms. McWilliams worked for Bio-Solutions Corporation, a microbial bioremediation company, from 2004 until 2007. In 2007, she joined BSEI’s research and development team where she helped oversee the SumaGrow® double blind field trials. She is currently in charge of Quality Control and works with production for BSEI.



Aimee Murry
Public Relations
Marketing Communications Manager



Aimee developed her sales, communication, and negotiation skills through the marketing and sales of the family’s produce at their family farm and local farmers’ market. She graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi, receiving a BA in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and landed her first post-collegiate job as an outside sales manager for Automatic Data Processing.

She later became the fundraiser, event planner and public relations coordinator for the Albuquerque Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Aimee has served as the Public Relations and Marketing Communications Manager for BSEI since 2011.







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