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Clear throughout the day.
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Clear throughout the day.
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Fox News National Headlines

Ex-USD football player accused of rape gets plea deal

Tuesday, March 19
A former University of South Dakota football player from Texas who was accused of raping a woman in a dorm room has pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of aggravated assault and been sentenced to 10 years of probation....

Mississippi bishop: 'Shattered lives' amid clergy sex abuse

Tuesday, March 19
A Catholic diocese in Mississippi on Tuesday released the names of 37 clergy members who it says have been credibly accused of sexually abusing children....

California man found dead after falling into river while taking photos, officials say

Tuesday, March 19
The body of a man who fell into a raging river in Northern California while taking photos over the weekend was discovered Monday, officials said....

Vietnam veteran who survived being shot seven times dies in a house fire

Tuesday, March 19
Family confirmed that Duane Downey, a Vietnam veteran, died in a fire at his rural Georgia home on Monday....

Israel, US intercept long-range missiles during joint drill

Tuesday, March 19
Israel and the U.S. have successfully intercepted a series of medium to long-range ballistic missiles in a joint drill....

Serial stowaway pleads guilty to sneaking aboard flight

Tuesday, March 19
A woman who's been dubbed a serial stowaway was sentenced Tuesday to 18 months of probation after pleading guilty to sneaking past Chicago airport security last year, boarding a plane and flying to London without a ticket....