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Humid and partly cloudy throughout the day.
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4:54   7:05
94 75
Humid and partly cloudy throughout the day.
13%   43%
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91 76
Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.
9%   65%
4:54   7:06

Fox News National Headlines

Jesse Watters: Parents who brawled at youth baseball game 'are trash'

Thursday, June 20
Fox News' Jesse Watters had harsh words for the adults involved in a brawl during a youth baseball game in Lakewood, Colo....

Georgia panel delays clemency ruling for condemned man

Thursday, June 20
The state parole board is holding a clemency hearing for a Georgia prisoner scheduled for execution this week for the killing of an off-duty prison guard....

Prosecutors to appeal would-be bomber's 16-year sentence

Thursday, June 20
Federal prosecutors plan to appeal the 16-year prison sentence given to a man for trying to kill hundreds of people by detonating what he thought was a car bomb outside a crowded Chicago bar in 2012....

More than 180 Haitians caught by Border Patrol sector in a week

Thursday, June 20
Border Patrol agents are tackling a new influx of migrants from Haiti coming across the U.S. border, an unexpected change from the anticipated migrants from Central America that have dominated and overwhelmed the U.S. immigration system. ...

2 killed when semitrailers explode on I-94 in Wisconsin

Wednesday, June 19
Two semitrailers exploded into flames Wednesday on an interstate in southeastern Wisconsin, killing both drivers and setting other vehicles on fire, authorities said....

Police: Theft suspect tried to evade chase by leaving state

Wednesday, June 19
Authorities say a man accused of stealing in Louisiana led police on a chase into Mississippi under the mistaken impression that officers couldn't follow him there....