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Partly cloudy starting in the afternoon.
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Partly cloudy overnight.
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Fox News National Headlines

'Giant' spider creepily crawls toward Texas cop during traffic stop, dashcam video shows

Friday, October 19
New dashcam video captures the moment a “giant” creepy crawler sneaks up to a Texas cop during a traffic stop — in what at first glance appears to be a Halloween prank....

Metal balls fly out of truck in Seattle, forcing street closure

Friday, October 19
Dozens of metal balls flew out of an 18-wheeler truck and cascaded down the street in Seattle on Wednesday, prompting authorities to temporarily close the street....

Louisiana police department to stop hosting prayer vigils

Friday, October 19
Prayer vigils will no longer be hosted or promoted by police in Shreveport, Louisiana....

Crowdfunding campaign created after Tennessee family's apparent murder-suicide

Friday, October 19
A Tennessee woman and her four adopted teenage children were found dead on Monday in what police believe is a quadruple murder-suicide, reports said....

FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump accuses Dems of welcoming caravan before midterms; Rosie O'Donnell wants troops to oust Trump

Friday, October 19
Plus, Pompeo recommends Saudis have more to complete missing activist probe; Limbaugh makes midterm predictions...

Nearly 100 additional women sue USC over gynecologist’s alleged sexual misconduct

Friday, October 19
Nearly 100 women filed new lawsuits against the University of Southern California on Thursday, claiming the school’s brass failed to speak out about decades of alleged abuse at the hands of university gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall....