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Fox News National Headlines

New Hampshire's oldest cold case solved - but suspected murderer of Navy veteran killed himself years later

Saturday, February 23
Over 50 years after a Navy veteran and father of three was discovered shot to death at an auto repair shop, New Hampshire's Cold Case Unit announced Wednesday it solved its oldest crime and the main suspect killed himself years later....

US Latinas rally around 'Roma' actress Yalitza Aparicio

Saturday, February 23
Yalitza Aparicio, the Oscar-nominated, first-time actress in "Roma," is finding strong support among Mexican-American women who identify with her indigenous roots despite backlash she is receiving in Mexico....

Duke, the 4-term dog mayor of Minnesota town, goes to 'doggy heaven'

Saturday, February 23
Duke the four-term ceremonial dog mayor of a Minnesota town, went to "doggy heaven" this week, his owner confirmed on Facebook. ...

Mother, son get life sentences for killing witness after receiving unredacted court docs

Saturday, February 23
A mother and son convicted of killing a witness in a Denver marijuana shop robbery case -- whom they were able to identify through unredacted court paperwork mistakenly sent to all parties involved -- were sentenced to life in prison Thursday....

Father of woman who joined ISIS sues Trump administration, seeking daughter's return to US

Saturday, February 23
The father of an Alabama woman who left the U.S. to join the Islamic State group filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration this week, seeking the return of his daughter and her child to the United States, according to reports....

California parents of 13 plead guilty to torture, abuse

Saturday, February 23
As prosecutors brought charges of cruelty and torture against a California couple who had shackled and starved their children for years, they had two goals in mind: Punish the perpetrators and ensure they could never victimize those 13 children in any way again....