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Fox News National Headlines

AP PHOTOS: Migrants in Tijuana trickling over and under wall

Monday, December 10
A steady trickle of Central American migrants have been finding ways to climb over, tunnel under or slip through the U.S. border wall to plant their feet on U.S. soil and ask for asylum....

Man accused of pushing passerby in front of oncoming truck charged: prosecutors

Monday, December 10
A Los Angeles man who was accused last week of pushing a pedestrian in front of an oncoming truck has been charged in that crime in addition to two other "random and unprovoked attacks," prosecutors said Friday. ...

Texas woman who allegedly posed as 'carnival mafia' member among 3 charged in fair vendors' killings

Monday, December 10
A Texas woman who allegedly posed as a "carnival mafia" member was among three charged in the murders of two Kansas fair vendors....

Search expands for Colorado mom, 29, last seen on Thanksgiving

Monday, December 10
Colorado police are intensifying their search Sunday for a missing mother who was last seen Thanksgiving Day and whose phone reportedly pinged more than 700 miles away in Idaho days after she vanished....

Maryland girl ordered to steal package from porch, investigators say

Monday, December 10
A girl, who police believe is, no older than eight, is seen on a home surveillance camera in in Belair, Maryland running onto the front porch, and running away with a freshly delivered box containing a pair of boots....

Eight-month-old boy pushed under hole in US-Mexico border wall as attempts to cross illegally prove perilous

Monday, December 10
Many Central American caravan migrants -- who are frustrated by the asylum process or say they feel unsafe because Mexicans are becoming more hostile towards them -- have been taking matters into their own hands....