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Fox News National Headlines

Tennessee burglary suspect injured after falling through attic trying to hide from officers, police say

Thursday, November 21
An alleged burglar who police said was trying to hide from officers inside a Tennessee home on Wednesday fell through a ceiling and was taken into custody shortly thereafter....

Oregon man reunited with missing cat found 1,200 miles away, 5 years after it vanished

Thursday, November 21
Viktor Usov, of Portland, Oregon, was reunited with his cat Sasha Tuesday after the Santa Fe Animal Shelter convinced him that they had indeed found the cat he’d lost five years ago....

North Carolina courthouse removes Confederate statue, saying it’s time ‘to move forward’

Thursday, November 21
A Confederate statue that stood at for more than 100 years was removed from a North Carolina courthouse early Wednesday, joining a handful of places around the state where Confederate statues have come down despite a law protecting them....

Immigrant rights group uses $2.1 million to free nearly 200 detainees

Wednesday, November 20
An immigrants-rights group said Wednesday it was using more than $2 million in donations to post bonds for nearly 200 undocumented immigrants being held in detention across various sites in a bid to reunify families separated at the southern border....

Tennessee woman, 71, accused of stabbing husband is 'cheerful’ and ‘unfazed': investigators say

Wednesday, November 20
Authorities in Tennessee arrested an elderly woman who allegedly stabbed her husband as he was napping in a recliner. ...

Oklahoma woman, 48, smiles in mugshot after arrest in husband's stabbing death

Wednesday, November 20
An Oklahoma woman was all smiles for her mugshot despite facing a murder charge in the stabbing that killed her husband, investigators said....