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Fox News National Headlines

Houston police chief criticized after ripping 'smug' Senate Republicans for officer death

Tuesday, December 10
Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo is being criticized this week after he ripped into Senate Republicans, accusing them of delaying legislation for the benefit of the NRA, this after one of his officers was killed in the line-of-duty over the weekend while responding to a domestic abuse call. ...

Sydney shrouded in 'unbreathable' smoke as Australia wildfires rage

Tuesday, December 10
A thick haze from raging wildfires in Australia engulfed Sydney on Tuesday, creating dangerous air conditions and smoke so thick it was enough to trigger fire alarms in buildings across the city....

Jersey City police respond to active shooter situation at bodega, officer shot: reports

Tuesday, December 10
A New Jersey police officer was shot in the shoulder Tuesday after at least one suspect opened fire at a kosher supermarket in Jersey City, according to reports....

Kentucky judge accused of retaliation, attempting threesomes with staffers and allowing drinking in courthouse

Tuesday, December 10
A Kentucky judge has come under fire for allegedly desecrating her position and courthouse after an anonymous complaint accused her of favoritism, making sexual advances and other misconduct....

Wisconsin teen shot by police after wielding pellet gun at student says he was ‘tired of being picked on’

Tuesday, December 10
A Wisconsin high school student who was shot by police last week said he was "tired of being picked on" when he pointed what initially appeared to be a real gun at another student's head....

Chicago toddler unhurt as father and another man die in gunfire exchange

Tuesday, December 10
A toddler saw his father and another man exchange gunfire on a Chicago street that left them both dead....