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Fox News National Headlines

Man claiming to have coronavirus kisses police car window after arrest, cops say

Tuesday, March 31
Police in Michigan detained a 26-year-old man outside a Mount Morris grocery store after he allegedly claimed he had coronavirus and was pushing several shopping carts inside the store and later allegedly kissed the window of a patrol car following his arrest, a report said....

Wisconsin college students return home from spring break with coronavirus

Tuesday, March 31
An undisclosed number of college students returning from a Spring Break trip to Alabama’s beaches have tested positive for coronavirus, according to news reports....

New Yorkers baffled over ‘unsettling’ Empire State Building siren display

Tuesday, March 31
New Yorkers were left spooked Monday night by a glaring Empire State Building light display intended to honor emergency workers fighting coronavirus....

Brooklyn man arrested for allegedly hoarding masks, coughing on FBI agents

Tuesday, March 31
A Brooklyn man claiming to be infected with the coronavirus coughed on FBI agents who were investigating him for hoarding medical supplies, the US Attorney’s Office said Monday....

This Day in History: March 31

Tuesday, March 31
"Gunsmoke" ends after 20 seasons; actor Brandon Lee is accidentally shot to death; singer Selena is killed by the founder of her fan club; and more....