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Partly cloudy throughout the day.
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Fox News National Headlines

Sotomayor breaks Supreme Court's new 'quiet' rule during immigration case

Friday, October 18
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has the dubious distinction of being the first member of the nation’s highest court to break a new “two-minute rule" regarding justices asking questions....

This Day in History: Oct. 18

Friday, October 18

Gun retailer broke law selling rifle to Sutherland Springs church killer, feds allege

Friday, October 18
A Texas sporting goods store broke the law when it sold an AR-15-style rifle and large-capacity magazine to a man who later committed a mass murder at a San Antonio-area church, federal prosecutors argued in a court filing....

Mother of mass shooting victim says home owners association wants flag honoring son to come down

Friday, October 18
A North Carolina woman who flies a flag in honor of her son who was killed in a mass shooting was reportedly told by her homeowner’s association last month that it must be removed, according to reports....

Tennessee man shot with his own gun after confronting car burglars, police say

Friday, October 18
A Tennessee man was shot with his own gun by burglars who stole the weapon from his vehicle, police said Thursday....