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Clear throughout the day.
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Light rain overnight.
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64 40
Rain until evening.
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Fox News National Headlines

Harvey victims rebuffed by FEMA finally receive some financial relief

Monday, January 21
Nearly a year and a half after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, many are still far from a full recovery. The city has received more than $1 billion in federal funds for long-term housing recovery....

Majority of guns used by criminals bought on black market, study shows

Monday, January 21
As the gun control debate continues to grip the nation, a survey released this month by the Department of Justice (DOJ) showed that that armed criminals primary source for guns is, by far, is the black market....
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Illegal immigrant expected to face murder charges in Nevada killing spree

Monday, January 21
An illegal immigrant remained in custody Monday after being linked to four fatal shooting this month that spread fear through two northern Nevada neighborhoods unaccustomed to such violence....

Avalanche kills one person in Colorado outside Aspen, officials say

Monday, January 21
One person was killed after an avalanche was reported outside of Aspen, Colorado on Monday, officials said....
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Minnesota high school embroiled in Trump banner controversy pulls out of MLK Day invitational

Monday, January 21
A Minnesota boys high school basketball team embroiled in controversy after its young fans were holding a President Trump re-election banner during a game pulled out of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day invitational....

Florida man arrested after he allegedly tried to sell Batman comics from $1.4M collection, cops say

Monday, January 21
A Florida man was arrested Friday for allegedly stealing a Batman comic book collection worth more than $1.4 million....
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