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Fox News National Headlines

Selfie saves Texas man from serving up to 99 years in prison

Friday, November 16
Christopher Precopia, 21, was facing 99 years in prison after he was accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home in 2017, assaulting her and carving an “X” on her chest, but a selfie proved his innocence....

Woolsey fire destroys Australian director's home, burns savings kept in fire-proof safe

Friday, November 16
An Australian director has been left with a few dollars and the clothes on their backs after a wildfire in southern California burned down his home and the safe where the man kept his savings....

Homeless good Samaritan GoFundMe scam reveals risks of falling victim to fake crowdfunding campaigns

Friday, November 16
Here's a look at several other crowdfunding scams that have lead to arrests in recent years....

Chapo's beauty queen wife living lavishly - away from the courtroom

Friday, November 16
She has been dubbed the “Kim Kardashian” looklaike of Mexico. Meet Emma Coronel Aispuro. She is the wealth-flaunting, 29-year-old wife of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, who is 32 years her senior, and the mother of their 7-year-old twin daughters....

Popular Cleveland reporter, 30, killed by uncle in murder-suicide, authorities say

Friday, November 16
A popular Cleveland reporter who was found shot to death Monday inside a trailer with her uncle was killed in a murder-suicide, investigators said Wednesday....

Camel spotted stranded on Pennsylvania roadway amid snowstorm

Friday, November 16
A camel was just as stranded as everybody else was during their rush hour commute Thursday as a snowstorm plagued the East Coast and create havoc for drivers trying to get home....