The Pine Belt Sports Drive

The Pine Belt Sports Drive is the perfect way for any sports fan to make the long drive home from work. Real sports talk from a southern perspective. Football, baseball, basketball, from the high school level on up to the pros. If it matters to you in South Mississippi, it’s being talked about on The Pine Belt Sports Drive.

It all starts Mondays, with the Black and Gold edition of The Pine Belt Sports Drive, hosted by the WMXI/WFOR sports director, Southern Miss insider, and editor of Big Gold Nation, Heath Hinton. All things Southern Miss are discussed, from breaking down the latest games to unique and interesting interviews with Southern Miss coaches and sports media.

Tuesday and Thursday, Clayton Hall continues with all of the sports that matter to the Pine Belt. Wednesday and Friday, Heath is back with his takes on Southern Miss and the rest of the world of sports.

Heath Hinton hosts every Friday with special guest Brian Grantham.


The Saturday Morning Roundtable

Heath and Clayton host the Pine Belt Sports Drive Saturday Morning Roundtable from 11 AM to 12 PM at Buffalo Wild Wings.

We’re talkin’ sports five nights a week, every week, from 5 PM to 6 PM. The Pine Belt Sports Drive and The Saturday Morning Roundtable.

Only on News Radio, WMXI 98.1 FM and WFOR 92.7 FM, The Score!



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