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Lock N Load with Bill Frady is presented by Genesis Communications Network. With 126 million gun owners in the US today, Lock N Load has something for everyone. From reports about the politics of gun ownership, and those who would take the right away, to trends within the gun industry, self defense, gun gear, tactical training and all of the colorful personalities within the gun community.



Bill Frady has been interviewed 150+ times on other radio shows, due to his expertise within the gun rights/gun training subject. He broke both the Operation Chokepoint scandal as a DOJ product and the AK47 gun running scandal before anyone else made the correlation of data known.


With over 100 million gun owners in the US today, LockNLoad has something for everyone. LockNLoad covers all spectrums relating to the world of the gun, including the gun industry, trends, self defense and of course those that would strip away your rights. With guests such as the 3D Gun Guru Cody Wilson,Gunowners of America Exec Dir Larry Pratt, Noble Peace Prize Nominee Dr Jim Garrow, Tactical trainer Chris Costa, Psychologist Dr Linda Lagemann and many others, we explore the dynamics of the uniquely American 2nd Amendment and everything that goes along with it. LockNLoad is your daily dose of blunt truth designed to counter the Mainstream MisInformation Machine.