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Michael Garko, Ph.D.
Nationally Syndicated Host-Producer Of Let’s Talk Nutrition

Dr. Michael Garko, Ph. D. is an award-winning educator and researcher. He is also a consultant, writer, journalist and
the host-producer of the nationally syndicated health talk show, Let’s Talk Nutrition.

Dr. Garko was awarded his Ph. D. in Communication from Florida State University and his Master’s Degree in
Communication from the University of South Florida. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and
Public Relations from the University of South Florida. He is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.

As a university professor, Dr. Garko taught communication on the undergraduate and graduate
level for 25 years. He has published numerous scholarly articles in the area of social influence and persuasion. Over the past 12 years, he has written a health-related article every month and is published on the Let’s Talk Nutrition website. He also writes articles for Health and Wellness magazines.

Dr. Garko has worked as a communication consultant for some of America’s leading companies. With his company, Trial Strategies, Inc., he has also worked as a trial and jury consultant, Dr. Garko consults currently with some of the leading national and international dietary supplement companies in the natural products industry and conducts health-oriented seminars and workshops.

Along the way during his career, Dr. Garko applied his background, training and experience as a researcher, educator and social scientist to the study and practice of health and in hosting and producing Let’s Talk Nutrition. He has formerly studied nutrition, along with writing, lecturing and reporting (as a
journalist) on health-related matters. He has devoted considerable attention to how diet, lifestyle and dietary supplementation help to create, sustain and reclaim
health, wellness and wellbeing. He appears on television and radio shows talking about a variety of health topics.

Dr. Garko is among the most respected health talk show hosts and producers in radio. He has earned the reputation of speaking truth to power, especially when
it comes to public health issues (e .g. obesity epidemic, infectious and chronic diseases), aging in America, the politics of food and nutrition, food safety, health
care and health of the planet, among other health-related matters.

Dr. Garko passionately believes that your health is your wealth and your health is the wealth of those who care about and love you, the signature close to Let’s
Talk Nutrition each day.