Extreme Genes is a natural for Fisher, a Connecticut native, who has been in radio since his youth, and has spent three decades of spare time as a passionate “roots sleuth.”  A long-time morning show host, Fisher is the author of “New York City Methodist Marriages, 1785-1893,” Picton Press, 1994.  He has also been published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Journal (April 2004), and Catholic Ancestor, Journal of the Catholic Family History Society of England (June 1996).  His ten books on the families of both his and his wife’s ancestors, written over 25 years, fill the better part of a shelf in Fisher’s family room library.

Where does the name Extreme Genes come from?  Fisher explains:  “To begin with, Mom was from the Oregon and Dad was from New Jersey.  She was a liberal Democrat and he was a conservative Republican.  They were both from different religions.  As Mom once explained it… ‘Honey, bottom line is… you’ve got extreme genes!’  It’s a perfect name for the radio show!”

Fisher and wife Julie have four adult children, and four grandchildren.